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Common Exchange Rates:
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Quick View: To quickly view the most common exchange rates for a particular currency, you can simply use its 3-letter code directly in the URL preceded by a slash like this:

Quick FX Rate: To quickly view an exchange rate for a pair of currencies, you can simply pair their 3-letter codes up in the URL with a dash like this:

Quick Convert: To quickly convert an amount between currencies, you can skip the form at the bottom and go straight to the converted amount via the URL by following the currency pairs with a slash and an amount like this:

Customize: To customize ExchangeRates.mobi and view your selected exchange rates, you can pair them all up in the URL separated by slashes like this: http://ExchangeRates.mobi/USD-EUR/EUR-GBP/BRL-CNY. You can then BOOKMARK that page for quick access to your custom list. No login or cookies required!

Currency Codes: ExchangeRates.mobi can convert between 173 different currencies, including precious metals and several obsolete currencies. To view the full list of compatible currencies and their 3-digit ISO codes, please click here.

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